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Our Team

Service and Management  

Our team has a clear division of labor, professional and efficient service, and can quickly and accurately understand your needs, place orders to the right artists, and follow up on the progress of works every day. We only work with quality material suppliers and efficient logistics companies. We strive to provide an exceptional experience to customers, ensuring our customers have received the best service and highest quality paintings. We have a 100% money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and we offer free shipping worldwide. An efficient management team, with a rational division of labor, strict timelines, and quality control, is directed by two of the world's top artists and leaders in design, service, sales and operations to efficiently serve our clients.

What we achieve


We currently have 120 professional painters who have excellent artistic skills and bachelor's degrees in fine art. Their works appear in galleries, hotels, and homes in many countries. They are painters as well as artists, and artpainting.com is able to connect passionate artists with art lovers around the world because of them.